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USSGL TFM Archives

The following information consists of previously released USSGL TFM Supplements. As indicated in the individual transmittal letters, each TFM release replaces or revises previous amendments. Unless otherwise noted, the files contained in the TFM’s below are in their original format. Interim updates that were posted to the web between TFM cycles are not reflected here.

December 2023 (TFM Release Bulletin No. 2023-02)

June 2022 (TFM Release Bulletin No. 2022-12)

June 2021 (TFM Release Bulletin No. 2021-17)

June 2020 (TFM Release Bulletin No. 2020-15)

June 2019 (TFM Release Bulletin No. 2019-10)

June 2018 (TFM Release Bulletin No. 2018-05)

June 2017 (TFM Release Bulletin No. 2017-06)

Last modified 01/03/24