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Getting Started: OTC Kiosk

Fiscal Service now offers two self-assisted OTC Kiosk options, the Kiosk Tablet and the Self-Service Kiosk. The Kiosk Tablet and Self-Service Kiosk are new payment processing options that will allow customers to process transactions independently of an agency representative. Both Kiosks enable agencies to further streamline their over-the-counter services to customers by helping minimize long lines to the counter, maximize collections in remote locations, and expand payment accessibility to customers. The OTC Client Web Method Specification allows you to sync with OTCnet from your agency revenue collection system.

To learn more about the OTC Kiosk, please see the overview presentation below:

Self-Service Kiosk:

The Self-Service Kiosk is a freestanding payment option for agencies who process in-person cash, check, and credit or debit card payments. This enables agency customers to make payments independent from an agency representative or checkout counter. For more information on the Self-Service Kiosk, please see the documents below:

OTC Kiosk Tablet:

The OTC Kiosk Tablet is a self-service payment option for an agency's check and card payments. The tablet is lightweight and has a small footprint compared to traditional kiosk options, enabling smaller agency locations to benefit from a self-assisted payment option. For more information on the OTC Kiosk Tablet, please see the document below:

OTC Client Web Method Specification:

To learn more about the OTC Self-Service Kiosk, OTC Kiosk Tablet, or to obtain the Client Web Method Specification for interfacing with OTCnet from your Point of Sale (POS) or backend systems, please contact the OTCnet Customer Support Team at or 866-945-7920.

OTC Kiosk Onboarding Process:

Last modified 05/01/20