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Domain Migration Planned for December 2020

As part of the Department of Treasury domain transition initiative, Fiscal Service is updating the OTCnet domain from to

Please contact your IT department to take the following actions based on your agency’s needs to ensure continued and uninterrupted OTCnet functionality.

Deposit Processing and reporting users will not be impacted by the domain Migration; no action needs to be taken if OTCnet is only used for deposit processing and reporting. Check Processing users will be impacted by the Domain Migration so action must be taken for Check Processing.

OTCnet Online, Offline, and Client Web Method (Interface Agency or Partner) users will all be uniquely impacted by the domain migration. Separate transition plans will be provided for each user group. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Treasury OTC Support Center.

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Preferred Internet Browser Action Due By
Internet Explorer 11 For QA environment access for check capture:

Add the new domain to your Local Intranet Zone site list for all workstations needing QA environment access, ensure that the asterisk wildcard is used (* If your agency is prohibited from using asterisk wildcards, the fully qualified domain name must be added for each environment requiring access (e.g. and/or
September 11, 2020
Add the new domain ( to the Intranet Site zone list to all workstations.   December 5, 2020
Google Chrome Install OTCnet Local Bridge (OLB) version 1.3.0 or higher on all workstations. December 5, 2020

Last modified 05/06/20