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OTCnet News and Updates

Coming Soon: PII Masking to Safeguard Sensitive Information in Release 3.4

As part of the federal government's continuing directive to protect, eliminate, and reduce the collection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data, OTCnet Release 3.4 (coming in February 2021) adds masking capabilities within reports and pages for Check Processing in OTCnet Online and Offline. Learn more on what changes OTCnet is making to protect your sensitive data by visiting the OTCnet PII Information web page.

It’s Time to Upgrade! Release 3.3 Introduces New OLB, Firmware, and a Simplified Download Process

On September 26, 2020, OTCnet Release 3.3 will introduce OTCnet Local Bridge (OLB) 2.2.0 and Firmware 4.3.0. Also, versions prior to OLB 2.2.0 and Firmware 4.3.0 will be removed from OTCnet for download. It is required that your agency upgrade its workstations to OLB 2.2.0 and Firmware 4.3.0 (for Check Processing only) for protection against security threats. Visit the 3.3 Release Notes to learn more.

Is your Agency Aware of Current Emergency Procedures?

Several agencies that use deposit reporting have found that their local financial institution is closed. As a result, contingency plans are necessary in order to continue agency deposits and operations. Ensure your agency is aware of Fiscal Service’s Emergency Procedures by visiting the OTCnet Emergency Procedures webpage.

Is Your Agency Preparing for New Agency Operations?

The current pandemic has impacted businesses across the country, as well as our government agencies. Learn how your agency can prepare to maximize collections in an environment that is safe for your employees and customers by visiting Preparing for New Agency Operations.

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Link Your PIV/CAC Credentials to OTCnet

You can now link your PIV (personal identification verification) or CAC (common access card) credentials for OTCnet sign-in. Fiscal Service is requesting users to link their PIV/CAC credentials across all Fiscal Service Single-Sign-On applications to standardize the log-in process. Users with no PIV/CAC credentials do not need to take action, and all users will still be able to also use their SSO User ID and password to log into OTCnet.

Benefits of linking your PIV/CAC credentials include additional account security, ease of signing-in to all Fiscal Service applications and getting ahead of security changes.

Follow the step-by-step guide on the PIV/CAC information page to link your badge to OTCnet today!

Upgrade to Windows 10

If your agency hasn’t done so already, we recommend upgrading your terminals to Windows 10 since Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft and will therefore no longer be supported by OTCnet. See more information.

Domain Migration Planned for July 2021

The OTCnet domain will change from to as part of the Department of Treasury’s domain transition. See more information on how to prepare for this transition.

Last modified 12/21/20