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Secure Payment System

Technical Requirements

The Secure Payment System (SPS) is a web-based application.

The computer system you need

Note: Although it is convenient to be able to run SPS from anyone's computer, agencies must be concerned about the vulnerabilities inherent in using the Internet. Please check with the appropriate people in your agency to understand how the agency is going to set up SPS.

To use SPS, you must have a computer system that meets these requirements:

  • Desktop, laptop, or tablet with Windows 10. You must have applied all the latest Windows updates, patches, and service packs from Microsoft.
  • Latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Safenet Authentication Client 10.2 or 10.4
  • Rainbow iKey 2032 USB token or Safenet E-Token 5000 series USB token (provided by Fiscal Service), or a PIV/CAC/PIV-I card (issued by your Agency)
  • One free, active USB port
  • Printer
  • Internet connectivity

The people you need

You must have at least 2 people who will use SPS. The same person may not have both roles.

  • At least 1 Data Entry Operator (DEO)
  • At least 1 Certifying Officer (CO)

You also need a Trusted Registration Agent (TRA). The TRA does not use SPS. The TRA supports SPS users by issuing and managing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) keys.

SPS uses PKI for security. The high level of the PKI for SPS requires the two different roles and that different people take on those roles. It also requires in-person visits with a TRA.

Agencies may name someone in the agency to be the TRA. If the agency does not name a TRA, the SPS users must meet with a TRA at a Fiscal Service location that has TRAs, such as Hyattsville, Maryland; Washington, DC; or Kansas City, Missouri.

The additional feature you probably need

SPS has an optional feature that lets you import payments and schedules from a file instead of manually entering the data.

Why you should import files

You save time. If you are scheduling many payments, it could take an hour to key them in.

Importing them as a file would take less than a minute.

Importing is error-free. If you aren't rekeying data, you aren't introducing any data entry errors.

How to use the file feature

To use this feature, the file you are importing must be in the Schedule Upload 440 File Format.

You cannot import payment schedules from other formats, such as spreadsheets or databases.

To get the Schedule Upload 440 File Format for GWA file specification, e-mail

Coming soon: A new way to log in to SPS

We are changing to Personal Identity Verification (PIV) badges for logging in

We've started this process and are rolling it out agency by agency.

For more information, see the Upcoming Changes page

Please contact the SPS Help Desk at 816-414-2340 or if you have questions or you need additional information.

Last modified 09/28/20