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Intra-Governmental Payment and Collection

Training and Events

To help yourself, use our self-paced IPAC tutorials and our instructions for the Interagency Agreement (IAA) forms.

Independent Training Resources


IPAC Tutorial

This series of 28 short, self-paced, interactive modules covers all aspects of IPAC from a brief introduction to using specific features, including transactions, queries, requests, and bulk files. Start with your current needs. Come back to go through other modules as you need to learn about those features.


IAA Forms (7600A & 7600B) and Instructions

Interagency Agreement Form 7600A – General Terms & Conditions is comparable to a Memorandum of Understanding.

Interagency Agreement Form 7600B – Order Funding is comparable to a purchase order.

The instructions can help you fill them out.


IPAC 101 Overview

Last modified 04/14/23