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Fiscal Service IPAC System

We answer e-mails Monday - Friday. Normal business hours Eastern time, except federal holidays.

Treasury Support Center

Monday – Friday
7:00a.m. — 8:00p.m. Eastern Time, except federal holidays 1-877-440-9476 1-314-444-7346 (fax)

Our Treasury Support Center agents can help you with IPAC questions and problems about many topics, including:

  • Making sure your computer system meets the requirements for IPAC
  • Setting up an ISIM account
  • Becoming a new IPAC user
  • Modifying an existing IPAC user account
  • Getting into IPAC
  • Resetting your password
  • Using IPAC – both issues about the application and business questions
  • Other questions and needs related to IPAC

If they can't answer your questions immediately, our Treasury Support Center agents can contact the following IPAC support groups for you. The agent will track and follow up for you to ensure a timely response.

IPAC Functional Support Team

This team is responsible for supporting IPAC user access issues, including problems with self-registration or self-enrollment, access, and IPAC settings.

Intragovernmental Transactions (Buy/Sell) Branch

This team consists of the Fiscal Service Central Intragovernmental Branch, Special Assets & Liabilities Division. Team members provide answers to more complex questions related to IPAC business rules and process special business requests and IPAC maintenance.

IPAC Project Support Division

This team will provide IPAC Production Support when technical problems arise which require additional support. They also provide project management and oversight functions for IPAC.

In the event that an issue with the IPAC system is identified and requires corrective action through a system change or modification, the IPAC Project Support Division would coordinate the action and let you know about any changes.

The level of support provided by the TSC is closely monitored to ensure call center industry standards are met or exceeded. The goals of the TSC in supporting the IPAC customer help structure are to promptly resolve issues while providing exceptional customer service.

After calling the TSC, you may be selected to receive a survey to provide feedback on your experience, and we urge you to respond candidly.

Last modified 03/20/20