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To assist in using G-Invoicing, the Fiscal Service offers a variety of downloadable resources, including rules, standards, guides, and presentations. For cooperative training, see the Fiscal Service Main Training page for various meetings.

Treasury Financial Manual

For TFM G-Invoicing guidance, visit the following sections:


Performance Transaction / Fund Settlement Schedule

(Click on the Question mark icon in the sections below to see the file’s revision date)

System Interface Specifications

Federal Intragovernmental Data Standards (FIDS)

  • Current Release (6.0)
    • GT&CToggle more information - Revised 02/27/2023
    • OrdersToggle more information - Revised 06/06/2023
    • PerformanceToggle more information - Revised 03/06/2023
    • OrganizationToggle more information - Revised 02/28/2020
    • Low Dollar Purchases (7600 EZ) Toggle more information - Revised 03/07/2023

System Mapping & Validation Rules (SM & VR)

  • Current Release (6.0)
    • GT&CToggle more information - Revised 10/17/2022
    • OrdersToggle more information - Revised 12/20/2023
  • Future Release (7.0)

XML Data Samples

JSON Services

Additional Information

Future G-Invoicing Features/Enhancements

Interagency Agreement (IAA)

  • GT&C 7600A InstructionsToggle more information - Revised March 2022
  • GT&C 7600A FormToggle more information - Revised March 8, 2022
  • Order 7600B InstructionsToggle more information - Revised March 2022
  • Order 7600B FormToggle more information - Revised March 8, 2022
  • Statutory AuthorityToggle more information - Revised March 2022
  • 7600A-B Form Download GuideToggle more information - Revised March 2022

** NOTE: If you receive a “Please wait….” message when you select one of the above PDFs, please refer to the 7600A-B Form Download Guide above for instructions on how to properly download the forms.

7600 Form Updates Overview – 05/18/2021 Meeting (video)

Implementation Timelines for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Software Providers

The plans outlined below are not a substitute for agencies’ need to conduct their own market research under FAR Part 10 to determine the availability of other commercial products.

The Quality Service Management Office, the Financial Management Standards Committee, the Treasury G-Invoicing Program and the Financial Innovation & Transformation Office as the Managing Partner of the Financial Management Line of Business (FMLoB) is hosting working group sessions on G-Invoicing implementation, but is not endorsing any plan or vendor solution.

The G-Invoicing Roadmap provides a tentative timeline for delivery of functionality to assist in planning with ERP Providers and the agency community.

Additionally, links specific to the ERP Providers offerings are provided below which may require access from the ERP Vendor. Any ERP provider representative wishing to post additional information or make updates to existing content provided on the documents listed below may contact the G-Invoicing Program team at

Last modified 12/20/23