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G-Invoicing Training

We currently offer both in-person and online webinars that focus on navigation throughout the system, creating, saving, editing, sharing and approving the General Terms & Condition (GTCs) and Order documents. It is intended for federal agencies who use or are soon to implement G-Invoicing.

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Independent Training Resources

Welcome to G-Invoicing (June 2024)

G-Invoicing GT&C Navigation (June 2024)

G-Invoicing GT&C Brokering (June 2024)

G-Invoicing Order Navigation June 2024

G-Invoicing Order Brokering June 2024

G-Invoicing Managing Users and Organizational Groups (June 2024)

G-Invoicing Organizational Group Administration Tasks (June 2024)

G-Invoicing Organizational Group Business Rules (June 2024)

G-Invoicing Notifications (June 2024)

G-Invoicing GT&C Workflow (June 2024)

G-Invoicing Reporting (June 2024)

G-Invoicing Integration (June 2024)

G-Invoicing Performance Introduction (June 2024)

G-Invoicing Performance - Delivered/Performed (June 2024)

G-Invoicing Performance - Advance Performance (June 2024)

G-Invoicing Office Hours - IFO (Jan 2023)

G-Invoicing Office Hours - 7600EZ (Feb 2023)

G-Invoicing Office Hours – Feature Management (March 2024)

G-Invoicing Office Hours – GINV/GTAS Reporting Functionality (April 2023)

G-Invoicing Office Hours – GPO Spotlight (December 2023)

G-Invoicing Office Hours – DLA Spotlight (January 2024)

G-Invoicing Office Hours – CAIA Review (January 2024)

G-Invoicing User Recertification – Drop-In Session (January 2024)

CAIA G-Invoicing Administration (August 2023)

CAIA G-Invoicing User Access (August 2023)

G-Invoicing 7.0 Overview

G-Invoicing Office Hours: Closing Orders in G-Invoicing (April 2, 2024)

G-Invoicing Office Hours: Reporting Performance while Order is in Modification (April 16, 2024)

G-Invoicing Office Hours - Modifying Orders (May 7, 2024)

G-Invoicing Office Hours - Performance Adjustments (May 21, 2024)

Agency Implementation

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