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Enrolling in G-Invoicing

Under the Treasury Financial Manual Chapter 4700 Appendix 8, all federal program agencies that engage in Intragovernmental Buy/Sell transactions must process them through G-Invoicing. Treasury defines Intragovernmental Buy/Sell transactions as any transaction that is reported to reciprocal categories 22, 23, and 24.

Getting started with G-Invoicing

Most agencies have already onboarded to G-Invoicing and have begun transitioning their Buy/Sell activity under the Treasury guidance. To learn more about the application and how to get in touch with your Agency’s G-Invoicing project team:

  1. Reach out to your G-Invoicing leads for your agency. If you do not know who your agency leads are contact the G-Invoicing Agency Implementation Team at
  2. Review the training and overview resources posted on the Fiscal Service Training Page for G-Invoicing.
  3. Establish a user account by working with your G-Invoicing leads and administrators.
  4. Discuss the IGT Buy/Sell with the trading partners you transact with today. Discuss transitioning any Buy/Sell activity occurring outside of G-Invoicing to G-Invoicing.
  5. Map the agency's internal IGT Buy/Sell data and processes to the Federal Intragovernmental Data Standards and G-Invoicing processes.
  6. Test G-Invoicing in a quality assurance (QA) environment.
  7. Enter agreement data into G-Invoicing.

Note: For agencies that have not yet enrolled in G-Invoicing, you will need to contact your Agency Implementation Team POC, at, and work with them to complete the G-Invoicing Agency Enrollment Form.

Getting help through the process

We are here to help you through the process. Each agency gets a specific point of contact at Fiscal Service and at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis to guide the agency through the process.

Contact the G-Invoicing Agency Implementation Team at

Paying the agency's part while getting started

Treasury does not charge agencies a fee to use G-Invoicing. It is offered at no cost to the agency. But, agencies are responsible for potential costs associated with the adoption of G-Invoicing.

Working with Treasury to set up G-Invoicing

There will be no formal agreement with Treasury for working in G-Invoicing.

However, we will give you a System Enrollment Form to help both your agency and Fiscal Service by:

  • listing roles and responsibilities for the agency
  • identifying the primary points of contact at the agency (Agency Approver, Primary User Administrator)
  • capturing information to generate the agency's G-Invoicing accounts

If you need to change the configuration of your existing agency account, or change the administrator assignments, you will need to complete a change form and submit them to If you need help with this process you can work with your Agency Implementation Team POC,

Involving the right people

Involve people from across the workforce who are part of the Buy/Sell process: agreements managers, acquisitions personnel, financial management/IPAC personnel.

Preparing for the transition to G-Invoicing

Work on identifying the internal systems involved in your agency's reimbursable transactions. Gather documentation about your processes. Identify appropriate subject matter experts.

Working with your financial management or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendors

If you use financial management or ERP software, we encourage you to contact the vendor and discuss the mandated G-Invoicing initiative. The vendor may be involved with an FMSC subgroup. (See more on the About G-Invoicing page.)

Working with CARS if you are not yet a TAS/BETC reporter

You must be a CARS TAS/BETC reporter to use G-Invoicing. If your agency is not already a full CARS TAS/BETC reporter, start now to make that transition. The CARS Fiscal Service Customer Relationship team can help you.

G-Invoicing Application Access

Access to G-Invoicing is managed by administrators at each agency. You can begin the enrollment process by following the guidance outlined in the training videos to establish access to G-Invoicing.

  • G-Invoicing User: G-Invoicing agency account roles are assigned in SailPoint IIQ self-service. Please refer to the "G-Invoicing User Guide” in the application, “G-Invoicing SailPoint IIQ User Provisioning” section.
  • G-Invoicing SailPoint “Manager”: The user’s “Manager” is established in CAIA SailPoint IIQ and is the first approver when a user submits an access request. Refer to the “G-Invoicing Administrator Guides” in the application, “G-Invoicing SailPoint IIQ User Provisioning” section.
  • G-Invoicing SailPoint “AppApprovers”: G-Invoicing agency “AppApprovers” are established in SailPoint IIQ. The request is routed via workflow to the G-Invoicing agency “AppApprover” once the user’s “Manager” approves the first access request. Refer to the “GINVG-Invoicing Administrator Guides” in the application, G-Invoicing SailPoint IIQ User Provisioning section. G-Invoicing agency “AppApprovers” are granted access in CAIA SailPoint by completing the G-Invoicing Agency Approver Form.pdf.

For more information

TFM Volume I, Part 2, Chapter 4700, Appendix 8, Section 2 - G-Invoicing Implementation Plan outlines the requirements and guidance for Federal Program Agencies.

To learn more about G-Invoicing, look at the resources we make available: User guides, computer-based training, webinars, and in-person training.

Last modified 02/27/24