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The Bureau of the Fiscal Service offers a variety of collections, disbursing and reporting services to support federal financial management needs. These services help your agency to focus attention and resources on core missions, instead of redundant financial management tasks.

The majority of these services are utilized by federal agencies today—either they are required or are systems that support government-wide processes. Several, however, are value added services and promote efficiency, streamline processes and support expansion of electronic alternatives.

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service can help your agency ...

Collect Public Monies and Manage Debt

Manage current receivables more effectively, track collection activity, send notices, and refer delinquent amounts to the Cross-Servicing program as required using the Centralized Receivable Service (CRS). Visit the CRS Website Receive and manage public monies through the website application Use eCommerce tools and resources to receive funds, settle funds and report on those activities. eCommerce tools include mechanisms for accepting funds using mobile devices, digital wallet applications (PayPal and Amazon Pay), and online bill payment. Visit the Website Visit the eCommerce Website Improve cash management practices and move toward electronic technologies that ensure timely collection of public monies. Contact Revenue Collections Management (RCM) representatives for a holistic approach to analyzing collection data and receive expert recommendations. Visit the RCM Website

Disburse Payments

Disburse valid payments to eligible recipients (domestic and international) using available nationwide payment channels and offset monies owed to collect delinquent debts. The Federal Disbursement Services (FDS) can provide more information on these disbursement services. Visit the FDS Website Create solutions that proactively reduce improper payments, fraud risks, and fraud throughout the payment life cycle. Partner with experts at the Payment Integrity Center of Excellence (PICOE) to help solve your agency's payment integrity challenges. Visit the PICOE Website Mitigate and eliminate improper payments in a cost-effective manner while safeguarding the privacy of individuals using the Do Not Pay (DNP) tool. Visit the DNP Website

Report and Streamline Processing

Improve the value, quality, and availability of your agency’s financial data on and your data-driven decisions by working with the Data Transparency Program. Several resources are available, including the USAspending Help Desk, a monthly DATA Act Information Model Schema (DAIMS) working group, and monthly 'office hours'. Visit the Data Transparency Program Website Manage intragovernmental (IGT) buy/sell transactions with federal trading partners by using G-Invoicing. G-Invoicing supports the entire IGT lifecycle and uses common data standards, a common platform and standardized processes to help improve data integrity and reduce IGT differences. Visit the G-Invoicing Website Adopt an e-invoicing solution to manage government invoicing for goods and services, from purchase order to payment notification. The Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) is available to help agencies realize more cost-effective processes, avoid penalties and move toward an electronic environment. Visit IPP Website

For a full list of programs and services with the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, refer to the Bureau’s All Programs & Services page.

Last modified 03/02/23