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Data Transparency

Data Transparency

Better data. Better decisions. Better government.

The Office of Data Transparency works to improve the value, quality, and availability of federal financial data to strengthen government-wide decision-making and accountability.

Learn more about the Data Transparency program

Resources for everyone

See how much and where the federal government spends each year.

Follow the money from Congress to a federal agency down to local communities and businesses.

See frequently asked questions about

Data Lab

Data + Use = Value

See animated graphs and charts of how the government spends money.

Look at how money coming in and going out has changed over time.

Compare the U.S. to other countries.

Explore data with choices you can make for different charts and graphs.

The Data Lab

Resources for federal agency staff and data analysts

Quick Links and Updates

For agency staff and data analysts familiar with DAIMS and the DATA Act:  files specifications, validation rules, submission dates, guidance, mailings lists, etc.  

Resources for agency staff and data analysts  

DATA Act Information Model Schema (DAIMS)

Examine the standards and formats for financial data elements.

See technical guidance about data reported to Treasury.

Review the authoritative source for financial data elements.

More about DAIMS

DATA Act Broker

Used by agencies accessing the web-based application to securely upload, validate, and certify financial data.

Supports submissions to Treasury:

  • DATA Act Broker Submission (DABS)
  • Financial Assistance Broker Submission (FABS)

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Contact the Data Transparency Team

For any questions write:

Last modified 06/25/20