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Centralized Receivables Service

Centralized Receivables Service

Centralized Receivables Service (CRS) helps federal agencies collect money that individuals, businesses, and states owe the agency (accounts receivable).

CRS focuses on collecting money when it is first due or only slightly overdue, before the account is considered delinquent (overdue so much that it goes into other Treasury programs for collection).

How Does CRS Help Federal Agencies?

  • Increased Collections – Get payments faster with prompt invoicing, follow-up, and access to electronic options
  • Reduced Costs – Drive down costs through standardized and automated services
  • Better Transparency – Get high quality and more visible data 
  • Assured Compliance – Comply with Federal Claims Collection Standards and Treasury laws and guidance by using CRS's standard yet flexible workflows
  • Improved Business Processes – Become more efficient and compliant by letting CRS map your current ways of working and showing you how CRS can help

For more information on the program and participation, see our Frequently Asked Questions for Agencies and visit the CRS Contacts page.

Federal Agencies: Enroll in CRS
Graphic that describes the benefits of using cetnralized receivables service

Do You Owe Money to a Federal Government Agency?

If you owe money to the federal government, the bill or past-due notice you received tells you about that debt. Please look at the bill or past-due notice for instructions on how to pay it, dispute it, or contact someone about it.

You may also find useful information in our answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Individuals and on our Resources for Payers.

Resources for Payers

Authorization for Release of Information CRS Dispute Form Financial Statement of Debtor

Resources for Agencies

CRS Fact Sheet Agency Pre-Onboarding Questionnaire

Need Help?

Do You Owe a Debt?

Check your invoice or past-due notice for contact information.

FAQs for Individuals Who Owe Money

Frequently Asked Questions for Individuals

Agency Customers

Frequently Asked Questions for Agencies

Looking for Additional Legal Authorities?

CRS is one of several debt collection programs offered by the Bureau of the Fiscal Service. Various public laws, statutes, and executive orders govern all of these programs. To learn about these legal authorities, visit Debt Management Services.

Last modified 02/06/20