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Governmentwide Treasury Account Symbol Adjusted Trial Balance System

GTAS Treasury Support Center


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The Support Center can help with many issues

You can ask about these and other issues:

  • Enrolling in GTAS
  • Getting access
  • Resetting your password
  • System requirements
  • GTAS features
  • Other issues with GTAS
  • Issues related to agency business

If the Treasury Support Center agents can't answer your questions, they can contact other GTAS support groups. The Support Center agents track your issue to be sure you get a timely response and your issue is resolved.

They might work with these groups:

  • GTAS Functional Support Team
    • For more complex questions related to GTAS business rules, people from the Fiscal Service Financial Reports and Advisory Division and key members of the GTAS management team might be involved.
  • GWA User Provisioning Group
    • For problems with self-registration, self-enrollment, and A Group access and settings, Support Center agents might turn to this group.
  • GTAS Technical Support Team
    • People on this team help with technical problems. When we identify a problem that requires a change to the system or the infrastructure, the GTAS Technical Group coordinates the action and informs all the people involved.

Fiscal Service closely monitors the Treasury Support Center to make sure we are meeting or exceeding industry standards for the level of support expected from a call center.

Last modified 03/18/20