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Governmentwide Treasury Account Symbol

Resources, Regulations, and Guidance

The following contains information and downloads for the Governmentwide Treasury Account Symbol Adjusted Trial Balance System. For more specific information, visit the Data Validations & Accounting Edits, Proprietary Balances in Canceled Accounts, or Bulk File Format pages instead.

Reporting Window Schedule

The Fiscal Year 2020 Reporting Window Schedule has been released.

If needed, the Fiscal Year 2019 Reporting Window Schedule is available for reference.

FY 2019 Schedule (PDF)
FY 2019 Schedule (Excel)

GTAS Period 5 Reporting Window (PDF)

Super Master Account File (SMAF)

The SMAF is the combination of the legacy Federal Agencies' Centralized Trial-Balance Systems I and II Master Appropriation Files and contains the valid Treasury Account Symbol balances and attributes used for budgetary and proprietary adjusted trial balance submissions.

GTAS Super Master Account File (PDF)
GTAS Super Master Account File (Excel)

AFR to Closing Package Reconciliation

To tie your Agency Financial Report (AFR) to certified GTAS data, download the AFR to Closing Package Reconciliation Template and Instructions.

Pre-Approved 2019 GTAS Manual Adjustments

In FY18, the GTAS Team continued to be more selective about which manual adjustments were approved and, as a result, the number of manual adjustments decreased by more than 71% from FY16 to FY18. We’re evaluating the need for manual adjustments again in FY19 as our goal is to continue to minimize the number of adjustments that need to be made.

To learn more, download the Pre-Approved FY 2019 Manual Adjustments PDF.

Last modified 11/01/19