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Automated Standard Application for Payments

Getting Started

  1. Make sure your computer can work with ASAP.
    Computer Requirements
  2. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.
  3. Complete the Agency Questionnaire and have the initial consultation.
  4. Sign an Agency Memorandum of Understanding and set up a project team.
  5. Start enrolling online, have a kick-off meeting, finish enrolling online.
  6. Do quality assurance and user acceptance testing.
  7. Start enrollment for each of your recipient organizations.
    • To enroll a recipient organization, you must have the role of Federal Enrollment Initiator.
    • You will need the organization's DUNS, EIN, type, and point of contact.
  8. Wait for the organization to do its part.
    ASAP will let you know when that is done.
  9. Finish enrolling the organization by creating and funding accounts for it.
  10. Go live!

Contact the ASAP team

Phone Icon 1-855-868-0151,
(option 2, option 3)
E-mail Icon

Mon. – Fri. (except federal holidays), 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., Eastern time

We try to respond to

  • phone calls within 2 hours
  • email within 1 day

Last modified 12/31/19