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Registering and Enabling Multi-factor Authentication

September 15, Deadline for Recipients to Register and Enable Multi-factor Authentication (

Recipient organization users are required to enroll and register multi-factor authentication (MFA) credentials with ID.ME no later than September 15, 2023.

This Presidential, OMB and Treasury requirement will prevent public users from logging into unless they act before September 15th.  After September 15, recipient organization users will not be able to log into until they enroll and register multi-factor authentication in ID.ME.

Our goal is for every user to be prepared for this mandate, so here are step-by-step guides to help you get started:

Also, see our video on how to add multi-factor authentication to your ASAP login.

The ASAP team is continuing to host free webinars for recipient organization users to learn more. For a list of webinar dates and to register, visit

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is
    • is a trusted provider specializing in digital identity protection, giving users secure access to applications.
  • Will this process replace Single Sign-On (SSO)?
    • Yes.
  • I do not yet have ASAP access. How do I obtain that?
    • If your organization is not enrolled with, you will need to contact your funding agencies Enrollment Initiator (EI) directly. Any Active EI will be able to add you as a POC under your organizations profile. If your Recipient Organization is already enrolled with, you will need to contact any active Point of Contact (POC) so they can add you as a user under your organizations profile. If you are an Agency User, you will need to contact any active POC with your agency. Once your POC adds you as a user, any active CO will need to approve that task.
  • What if I have forgotten my password and/or am having trouble logging in to my account?
    • If you have forgotten your password, your account is locked or suspended, or you receive an error message while attempting to sign in, there are various steps you can take to regain access to your account. Please visit: for a list of common sign-in issues and articles to assist you in resolving your issue.
  • When creating/updating my account, will I need to verify my identity?
    • Yes, as a part of creating your multi-factor access you will need to verify your identity.
  • Why is it needed to supply my driver’s license and social security number?
    • Driver’s license and SSN are mandatory for the public users. This is required as part of the integration with CAIA (Common Approach to Identity Assurance) as the government moves toward Zero Trust cybersecurity principles. While I understand the user concern regarding the change, it is required for continued use of federal applications like this one. Visit the following link to learn more about Security, Privacy and Compliance:
  • I am a part of a Recipient Organization that utilizes the same ASAP user id for multiple employees, how do I login?
    • Due to security reasons, each user with your organization should have their own User ID and Password to access ASAP. The practice of sharing an login conflicts with Treasury Rules of Behavior. Additionally, the implementation of multi-factor authentication is specifically designed to make shared access nearly impossible. This is a good time to assign access and appropriate roles for your organization's users. To do this, you will need to discontinue your shared use of credentials, establish your own individual ASAP User ID and password within the application, and then create your own account.
  • Who do I contact for the following questions: acceptable identity verification document types, document upload issues, multiple accounts, and login issues?
  • If I need further help with my account, who do I contact?
  • Is the only option available for providing identity verification?
  • If I already have an account, can I use it with ASAP? Or do I need to create a new one?
  • My account is currently set up with my personal email address, how do I link it to my ASAP account?
  • is giving me error messages stating that I have duplicate accounts, prohibiting me from adding my ASAP email address to any of my existing accounts. What do I do?
  • Will Fiscal Service be offering MFA Training for ASAP users and Recipient Organizations?
  • Does this affect the Federal awarding agencies?
    • Federal agency users log in with their PIV/CAC. So, no change for agency users that sign in with their PIV/CAC card. Agency users that do not use their PIV/CAC are required to start using them. Read the instructions for agency users to register and test their PIV/CAC.
  • If users try to login with their old ASAP login credentials, what error message will they get?
    • Users will not have the option to enter their old ASAP login credentials. The only options will be PIV/CAC and (as shown in the graphic below).

      Screenshot of login credentials screen: piv/cac and

Last modified 08/25/23