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Card Acquiring Service

Enrolling in CAS

All agencies interested in establishing a card services account can complete a CAS Application and work directly with CAS program staff, if assistance is needed for the following:

  • Traditional Stand-alone Terminals
  • Value Added Resellers
  • Integrated Software Vendors, or
  • Mobile Applications and Devices

Agencies that want to establish a new account and/or add locations to an existing account for card processing through, need to contact their organization’s Implementation Specialist to submit applications for consideration. If you do not know your Implementation Specialist, please send an inquiry to the following email address:

Agencies who qualify to work with CAS directly can join CAS through three (3) simple steps:
CAS Getting Started Steps

Getting Started Step 1

To gain a high-level overview and history of the CAS program, check out the CAS 101 deck.

Getting Started Step 2

Read the Treasury Financial Manual (TFM), Part 5, Chapter 7000 on Credit and Debit Card Collection Transactions for card acceptance and comply with the CAS Security Posture to meet the minimum security standard for card data protection.

Getting Started Step 3

Apply for a new CAS account or add locations to an existing account, fill out the CAS Application online.

Enroll in CAS Today

CAS Application Process

To apply for a new CAS account or add locations to an existing account the requestor will be required to establish a account (i.e. User Name and Password) in order to submit a CAS Application for onboarding. credentials are required, even if your organization is not utilizing as a collection mechanism.

If the requestor has an existing account, and it is not set-up to access the consumer site, where the CAS Application is housed, the requestor will need to reach out to its Security Contact for assistance OR establish and maintain a non-agency specific account prior to completing the CAS Application.

CAS Application Process

CAS Users Must Follow Security Requirements

Any agency that accepts credit or debit cards is also responsible for protecting customers' sensitive card information.

View Security Requirements

Last modified 09/05/19