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Section 1 defines reclamation and provides some background information on the subject.

Section 2 covers an RDFI's liability in the reclamation process. Topics include full and limited liability, calculating the limited liability amount, and exceptions to the liability rule.

Section 3 gives RDFIs guidance on processing reclamations and provides an updated contact list for individuals needing additional information/assistance with reclamations.

(available in PDF format only)

Chapter 5: Reclamations

Contents - Chapter 5

  • Section 1: Background 5-3
  • Section 2: Liability of a Receiving Depository Financial Institution (RDFI) 5-4
    • A. Full Liability 5-4
    • B. Limiting Liability 5-4
    • C. Calculating the Limited Liability Amount 5-4
  • Section 3: Reclamation Procedures 5-6
    • A. Notification of Death 5-6
    • B. Notice of Reclamation 5-8
    • C. Errors in Death 5-17
    • D. Subsequent Notice of Reclamations 5-20
    • E. Contacts 5-28

Last modified 02/01/23