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Judgment Fund

Annual Report to Congress

As requested by the House and Senate Committees on Appropriations, the Department of the Treasury is providing the following reports on the Judgment Fund. The Committees have requested that these reports include:

  • the agency or entity whose actions gave rise to the claim or judgment,
  • the name of the plaintiff or claimant,
  • the name of the counsel for the plaintiff or claimant,
  • the amount paid representing principal liability,
  • any amounts paid representing any ancillary liability, including attorney fees, costs, and interest,
  • a description of the facts that gave rise to the claim, and
  • the agency that submitted the claim.

Transparency Report to Congress

This report moved permanently to on 06/01/2022. On that site it is available for download in multiple machine-readable formats with complete metadata!

Additional Notes

Disclosure is not required when prohibited by law or a court order.

The plaintiff or claimant name does not appear on this website because the Privacy Act prohibits disclosure of a record about an individual without the written consent of the individual, unless disclosure is required by one of twelve statutory exceptions. Also, the brief description of facts that gave rise to the claim often contains personally identifiable information (PII) that cannot be disclosed under the Privacy Act. Consequently, the case citation code and citation code description have been substituted for the brief description of facts, as they do not contain PII, and they provide more accurate and consistent information about the reason for the claim.

In this report, Judgment Fund payments are categorized as either Administrative or Litigative. Administrative payments are for certain claims settled by agencies without involvement from the Department of Justice (DOJ). Litigative payments are for claims that involved DOJ as representative of the defendant agency. Litigative payments include payments resulting from a settlement with the claimant before or during litigation as well as those resulting from a judge's order.

Last modified 01/31/23