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Centralized Receivables Service

Enrolling in Centralized Receivables Service (CRS)

Learn more about CRS

For an overview of CRS, our approach to servicing accounts receivable, and the benefits, features, and scope of the program, see the CRS Fact Sheet and our Frequently Asked Questions for Agencies.

How Can My Agency Enroll?

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To start enrolling your agency in CRS:

  1. Fill out the Agency Pre-Onboarding Questionnaire.
  2. E-mail the CRS Liaison Group with the following information –
    • Your agency name
    • Your program name
    • The program’s primary point of contact (name, e-mail, and phone#)
    • The types of receivables your agency currently manages
    • A brief description of your collection process
    • Estimated yearly volume/amount of receivables generated by the program

Agency Pre-Onboarding Questionnaire Form

The Pre-Onboarding Questionnaire is used to gather specific information from a federal agency to determine the viability of a program as a candidate for participation in CRS. The form assists in documenting the current receivables management process, and helps to assess the agency/program's goals and objectives for receivables management through CRS.

What will happen next?

The CRS Liaison Group will review the information on the Pre-Onboarding Questionnaire and contact you to schedule a time to discuss next steps in the CRS implementation process.

For information about additional resources, the legal authorities that govern CRS, and other debt collection programs, visit Debt Management.

Training Videos for Centralized Receivables Service

See our informative training videos for Centralized Receivables Service at

CRS Technical Bulletins

Read our CRS technical bulletins for guidance and important reminders:

CRS Technical Bulletin 21-01
CRS Technical Bulletin 21-02
CRS Technical Bulletin 21-03
CRS Technical Bulletin 21-04
CRS Technical Bulletin 21-05
CRS Technical Bulletin 21-06
CRS Technical Bulletin 21-07
CRS Technical Bulletin 22-01

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Last modified 07/14/23