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Credit Gateway

Getting Started

To open or use your Credit Gateway account, follow the instructions below.

Account Criteria

Before setting up a Credit Gateway account, your agency must meet these two criteria:

  1. Your agency must have an Agency Location Code with the Governmentwide Accounting (GWA) part of the Bureau of the Fiscal Service.

    If your agency does not yet have an Agency Location Code, contact Treasury Support Center at 877-440-9476 (option 5) or by email at

  2. Your agency must be enrolled in the Collections Information Repository (CIR)

    If your agency is not yet enrolled in CIR, contact the CIR team at:

    Domestic: 800-624-1373 (option 3)
    International: 216-579-2112 (option 3)

    Or by email, at

Set Up a Credit Gateway Account

Setting up an account in the Credit Gateway takes about 5 business days. Here’s how the process works:

  1. You complete the Credit Gateway New Account Setup Form
  2. You email your completed form to
  3. Settlement Services reviews your form and sends it to the bank that acts as the Credit Gateway’s financial agent.
  4. The bank assigns a new Credit Gateway account number and informs Settlement Services.
  5. Settlement Services sends you the Credit Gateway account number and other information you need.

Need Help?

For help setting up your Credit Gateway account, contact Settlement Services by phone at 202-874-5282 or 202-874-5304, or by email at

Using Your Credit Gateway Account

When you have your account information, you can give that to your customers and start to get payments through the Credit Gateway.

To give proper instructions to your customers, you may use templates (forms) that Settlement Services has developed. You may customize these templates for your needs. To get these Fedwire and ACH templates, contact Settlement Services.

If your agency is a GWA reporter, you set up the agency's cash flow in the GWA Shared Accounting Module (SAM). Your new Credit Gateway account number must be the Classification Key (C-key) in SAM. For help setting this up, contact the SAM Team 877-440-9476 or

Last modified 08/29/19