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Central Accounting Reporting System


CARS is comprised of several modules which include:

Account Statement

You can use this module to:

  • get a near real-time picture of your agency's account balances
  • generate customized views of your agency's Fund Balance with Treasury data
  • reconcile your agency's account balances

Access Group (AGroup)

  • As a CARS Administrator, you can restrict a user's privileges in each CAR module to specific data sets.

Agency Standard Report (ASR)

  • With this module, you can get custom reports.
  • GWA operations also uses this module to get custom reports, ad-hoc reports, and CARS reconciliation reports.

Agency Transaction Module (ATM)

  • This module gives you an automated process for creating, approving, and reviewing transactions, both authoritative and agency transactions through Classification Transaction and Accountability (CTA) components

Budget Report Services (BRS)

This module is used to:

  • automate the budget realignment with the Office of Management and Budget
  •  meet the legislative requirement for budgetary reporting by producing the Combined Statement
  • produces the Monthly Treasury Statement (MTS) from CARS, which summarizes the financial activities of the federal government and off-budget federal entities in accordance with the Budget of the U.S. Government

Bank Transaction Module (BTM)

With this module, you can:

  • process bank information from source systems and the Federal Reserve Bank
  • reconcile the Book and Bank view of the US Government cash position
  • support Straight-Through processing

Central Accounting Front-End (CAFÉ)

This module:

  • manages the information exchange between CARS and the source feeder systems
  • acts as the control point for data sent into the Central Accounting System

CARS Interface (CARI)

This module:

  • provides system to system interfaces for data moving from CARS to external customers
  • sends data to and receives from the General Ledger

Check Issue Audit (CIA):

You use this module to:

  • see discrepancies in data between what your agency reports and what the Treasury Check Information System (TCIS) reports about which checks have been paid
  • get detailed reports of these discrepancies


From the home page, you can:

  • get to all CARS modules
  • submit updates to "Notices" and "System Alerts"

Organization Account Directory (OAD)

As an Operational User, you use this module to:

  • update specific Legislation, Account, and ALC information needed to support the Agency Transaction Module and the Central Accounting Front-End module
  • look at and search data

Operations Support Services (OSS)

As a CARS Administrator, you use this module to:

  • track and resend transactions from the Agency Transaction Module
  • do back-end administrative tasks, monitor what the system is doing, and view audit logs

Statement of Difference (SOD)

You use this module to:

  • see discrepancies between what your agency reports and what the source system you are drawing from reports
  • get detailed reports of these discrepancies

Last modified 01/22/20