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Unpaid Foreign Claims


The final phase (Phase III) of the Libya Foreign Claims Program officially closed on April 6, 2018. (Phase III refers to claims referred under the Department of State Letter of Referral dated November 27, 2013.)

Libya Phase III awardees will be notified by mail with details on how final payments will be made. The letters will include documents that must be completed and returned to Treasury in order for payments to be processed.

After the required documentation has been completed and returned to Treasury, award recipients can expect to get their payments in 3 – 4 weeks.

Please note: Phase III awardees will get a pro rata share of the amount awarded to them by the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission for the reasons stated below.

The government of Libya provided the funds that are being used to pay awards in settlement of claims under the Libya Foreign Claims Program. These funds were provided as a lump sum to the U.S. Government before any awards were paid out under this program.

At the same time, and independent from consideration of the amount of funds received from Libya, the Department of Justice adjudicated and certified claims for settlement awards under this program.

According to the Foreign Claims Act, if the amount of funds provided by the government of Libya is not enough to pay in full all the settlement awards certified by Department of Justice, then the available funds must be paid to awardees on a pro rata basis. For example, if the funding received from the government of Libya is equal to half the total amount required to pay the full amount of all the certified awards, then each awardee by law must get 50% of the amount of their individual award.

Status of outstanding payments

After an awardee has properly completed and returned all the requested documents enclosed with the letter they received from Treasury, they should allow 3 – 4 weeks to get their final payment.

If payment is not received in that timeframe, awardees can ask about the status of their payment by calling 202-874-6664 or toll-free 866-277-1046.

Last modified 05/14/18