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Foreign Currency Transactions

The following questions are frequently asked of Treasury's Bureau of Fiscal Service (Fiscal Service) by Federal agencies that process foreign currency transactions through State Department (DOS) Financial Service Centers (FSC).

The DOS Financial Service Centers (FSC) send a package of month-end reports to each Agency doing business overseas. These reports include the "Voucher Auditor Detail Report" (VADR-ACVR.070).

The VADR describes each transaction, and includes the appropriation account charged, the US dollar equivalent amount to be recorded by the agency, and a description of each transaction.

The VADR is accompanied by the SF 1221 "Statement of Transactions" (ACDA.045), which summarizes the transactions by appropriation and amounts to be charged, and "the List of Vouchers Processed" (ACDA.057) which lists transactions by originating Post.

These reports may be sent via email or by direct download from the service centers.

Last modified 01/31/23