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About’s services rest on the following cornerstones:


Enabling end-users to authorize electronic transaction funds transfers over the Internet that will be settled through a number of methods (Automated Clearing House (ACH), credit card, or debit card).

Forms acceptance and direct billing

Accepting agency forms submitted by end-users over the Internet and presenting agency bills to end-users over the Internet.


Maintaining, processing, and providing online financial information and database documents for Treasury, agencies, and the public about transactions. Services

The services of are modular; in other words, each of the services can be invoked separately of the others, sometimes from an agency’s own website. provides:

  • New electronic methods to make it easier for agencies to conduct transactions online.
  • Help for agencies to convert forms into documents that can be accepted electronically and provide means by which agency bills may be presented electronically.
  • Reports to agencies about these automated transactions. assists agencies in integrating the reports into their systems.

Last modified 01/31/23