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Core FS Pre-Built Business Information Exchanges (BIEs)

The FM QSMO, in coordination with other Functional Area Standards Setting Agencies (SSAs) and QSMOs, has documented Business Information Exchanges (BIEs) that the Core FS must support:

BIEs are specifications that show the data and transactional relationships and requirements for a given business system that exchanges data with the Core FS. For example, the GRM-FFM BIE worksheet in the above file specifies the relationship between Grants Management systems and Federal Financial Management systems.

Each BIE describes the following for exchanges of data between the non-Core FS business system and the Core FS:

  • Applicable BIE transaction types, for example, Entity-Payee/Payer Maintenance and Order-Obligation
  • Data Elements that are mandatory, conditionally required, or optional, using Federal Integrated Business Framework (FIBF)-based Data Element Labels where a FIBF standard exists.
  • Related BIE logic, i.e., business rules

For government-wide centralized systems such as GSA's System for Award Management (SAM) and Treasury Centralized Services (TCS), where there may not exist a FIBF standard, the Financial Management Capability Framework (FMCF) incorporates or refers to the interface, integration, or data exchange specifications already in use.

The goals of these specifications include:

  • To improve the quality and consistency of business information exchanged between the Core FS, functional areas' solutions and services other than financial management, and government-wide shared or centralized services
  • To decrease the need for customized development by Core FS vendors and integrators
  • To improve flexibility, interoperability, and choice for Federal agencies in selecting non-FM business systems
  • To decrease the Core FS implementation work for each Federal agency

These specifications are technology-agnostic, and providers may use them to design the Core FS Baseline Solution integrations, interfaces, or web-service oriented architecture that enable the exchange of data.

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Last modified 11/16/22