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U.S. Debit Card

U.S. Debit Card

The U.S. Debit Card is a versatile financial product that enables federal agencies to make non-benefit federal payments to recipients through a magnetic-stripe, chip-enabled prepaid debit card. It provides an electronic alternative to checks, drafts and cash for recurring or nonrecurring payments.

The card can improve program management for a wide range of federal payments. Strict management controls and powerful reporting give program administrators the ability to easily distribute funds while cardholders enjoy simple and convenient access to their payment. Agencies may load the card with a single payment or reload the card to make multiple payments to the payee.

Features, Benefits & Uses

EMV chip and magnetic-stripe card

Issued on the spot or via USPS

Fraud prevention and consumer protections

Immediate enrolling, funding, and activation

No bank account requirement

Use at ATM, POS, online, phone, etc.

Mobile App and Online Banking

Reports & statements available online

24/7 customer service

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U.S. Debit Card

How Does the U.S. Debit Card Work?

The U.S. Debit Card team will:

Analyze your business environment and give you recommendations on how to implement the U.S. Debit Card program.

Provide a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that establishes the roles and responsibilities of Fiscal Service and your agency.

Work with your agency to set up training methods, dates, card designs, and schedules so you can begun using the Debit Cards.

Once issued, the card may be used at automated teller machines (ATM) to make cash withdrawals, or at point-of-sale (POS) terminals to make retail purchases.  The card can be used for temporary payrolls, personal services, stipends, awards, grants, imprest funds, third-party drafts replacement, overseas access to foreign currency, or travel payments to local visitors and international guests.

  • The card may be disposable, where a fixed amount of value is loaded onto the card, and, once this value is spent, the card can be discarded.
  • The card can also be reloadable if the agency makes multiple payments to the payee.

The U.S. Debit Card may be issued immediately to a payee in a federal agency's field office, or from a central office and mailed to the payee or distributed some other way. All value loaded onto the cards is PIN protected and backed by a commercial bank.

The U.S. Debit Card program works as a prepaid debit card that operates on a secure, flexible platform enabled by Money Network®. Funds are held in an FDIC-insured account at MetaBank®, the issuer of the U.S. Debit Card. It offers:

Improved program management for administrators:

  • Enroll cardholders via the Internet
  • Fund a single card or fund multiple cards simultaneously
  • Maintain and update cardholder information or card status instantly

Convenience and security for cardholders with proven customer satisfaction:

  • Use a PIN to access funds in local currency everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted
  • Make purchases everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted

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Last modified 04/23/19