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Bureau of the Fiscal Service

On-Demand Video Training

This training is given by financial management professionals for financial management professionals.

Fiscal Service offers on-demand video training on relevant topics important to federal employees within the federal financial management community.

Beyond the Foundation: Commissioner’s Panel on Federal Financial Management

Through this engaging conversation with an esteemed panel of federal financial management leaders, learn to optimize federal disbursing, transform federal collections, strengthen financial reporting, and expand services within your agency

Presenters: Tim Gribben, Commissioner, Bureau of the Service, John Hill, Corvelli McDaniel, Gavin Jackson, Mike Linder

Setting the Foundation for OMB M-19-16: Using Treasury Financial Management Standards to Improve Outcomes in Financial System Planning

Learn how the Department of Homeland Security, collaborating with Treasury and the Office of Management and Budget, is using existing financial management standards to improve and standardize core financial management business processes

Presenters: Naomi Miller, Jesrael Lopez-Rosario, Laurie Park, Christine Rodriguez, Homeland Security, Michael Landry, OMB

PIV Access to Business Applications

Learn the technical aspects of Personal Identity Verification credentials across federal agencies.

Presenter: Todd Johnson

What is a Business Event Type Code (BETC)? -- Proper way to use BETCs

Learn more about the ongoing development of BETC guidance and associated resources.

Presenters: Mike David, Mark Ross

Tired of IPAC Wars? An Update on Our Mission to Improve IGT Buy/Sell Processing

Learn more about the progress made implementing G-Invoicing as a long-term solution for improving the accounting and reporting of IGT Buy/Sell activity. You don’t have to be a Jedi to track down an Intra-governmental Payment and Collection (IPAC) transaction!

Presenters: Keith Jarboe, Chris Beck

The Ongoing Government-wide Intragovernmental Elimination Effort: What's Left to Address

Learn the progress on Treasury's efforts to address the intragovernmental transaction and balance differences, material weakness in the financial report, and remaining categorized issues and corrections.

Presenters: Chris Beck, Leah Delbaugh

Order Up! New Additions to the G-Invoicing Menu

Ready to Order? For the past year, federal trading partners have been able to communicate and agree upon their IGT Buy/Sell business by establishing General Terms and Conditions.

Presenters: Alex Abshire, George Pierce

Improve Your Performance. Learn How to Optimize Intragovernmental Settlement with G-Invoicing

Transparent knowledge of activities associated with the Performance of IGT Buy/Sell activity by both federal trading partners is vital to ensuring proper accounting and reporting is accomplished. G-Invoicing will require that Performance data is exchanged and will use this information to initiate fund settlement transactions. Join us to learn how this will work for you.

Presenters: Wes Vincent, Bill Schmidt

Getting to Know You: Learning All about Your Trading Partners

With G-Invoicing, both trading partners must be engaged in order to see a transaction go through the entire process. In this session, discover what we've learned so far from the Implementation Plans we've received, see how you can find your own trading partners' plans, and learn about the various ways -- from tools to training to in-person engagement -- we remain available to help you.

Presenters: Chris Beck, Keith Jarboe

Book 'em: Putting the Debits and Credits to G-Invoicing

Improperly accounting for IGT Buy/Sell Transactions can land you on Fiscal Service's "Most Wanted" list. Don't ruin your clean IGT Scorecard Record. Join us for a walk through of the recently published "G-Invoicing Guide for Basic Accounting and Reporting." This session ensures you know how to properly account for transactions processed through G-Invoicing.

Presenters: Brian Casto, Chris Beck

How Close Are We to An Opinion on the Financial Report of the U.S. Government?

This session will give a status update on the material weaknesses and progress that we, as a government, have made on the Financial Report. It's time to discuss the specific categories that are left...and what each of us can do to correct them.

Presenter: Jaime Saling

Life in the GTAS Lane!

Let our experts provide a demonstration of life in GTAS! This session will take participants from enrollment, to using the system, to certifying your Trial Balance in GTAS.

Presenters: Luke Sheppard, Dan Adams

Improving Financial Reporting and Audit Model

Join us to hear about changes impacting this year’s audit model of the Financial Report of the U.S. Government. Plus, learn more about improvement initiatives that will impact the federal entity level and government-wide level audit for 2020 and beyond.

Presenter: Jaime Saling

Last modified 02/27/20