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Card Acquiring Service (CAS) Educational Webinar Series: CAS 101 - Program Overview and Policies



Open to all federal agencies




Tues., June 25, 2019 | 1:00 pm ET



Hosted by:

Revenue Collections Management

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Event Details:

What is CAS? Do you understand the CAS card rules? Are you familiar with Chapter 7000 of the Treasury Financial Manual? If not, this educational webinar is for you.

Please join the Fiscal Service-CAS team, along with our Financial Agent, Comerica Bank and partners at Worldpay to educate agencies on the critical aspects of the CAS program.

Agencies will be supplied with a high-level synopsis of the CAS policies and procedures, also known as the “CAS Card Rules” outlined within the Treasury Financial Management, Chapter 7000: Credit and Debit Card Collection Transactions.

Topics will include:

  • CAS Program Overview and History
  • CAS Card Rules including debt collection policies, intragovernmental compliance, plastic card industry security posture, and point of contact management to name a few.

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