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Status Report of U.S. Government Gold Reserve

Report as of: January 31, 2015

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Department of the Treasury
Bureau of the Fiscal Service
January 31, 2015
Summary Fine Troy Ounces Book Value
Gold Bullion 258,641,878.074 $10,920,429,098.79
Gold Coins, Blanks, Miscellaneous 2,857,048.156 120,630,858.67
Total 261,498,926.230 11,041,059,957.46
Mint-Held Gold - Deep Storage    
  Denver, CO 43,853,707.279 1,851,599,995.81
  Fort Knox, KY 147,341,858.382 6,221,097,412.78
  West Point, NY 54,067,331.379 2,282,841,677.17
Subtotal - Deep Storage Gold 245,262,897.040 10,355,539,085.76
Mint-Held Treasury Gold - Working Stock    
  All locations - Coins, blanks, miscellaneous 2,783,218.656 117,513,614.74
Subtotal - Working Stock Gold 2,783,218.656 117,513,614.74
Grand Total - Mint-Held Gold 248,046,115.696 10,473,052,700.50
Federal Reserve Bank-Held Gold    
Gold Bullion:    
  Federal Reserve Banks - NY Vault 13,376,987.715 564,805,850.63
  Federal Reserve Banks - display 1,993.319 84,162.40
Subtotal - Gold Bullion 13,378,981.034 564,890,013.03
Gold Coins:    
  Federal Reserve Banks - NY Vault 73,452.066 3,101,307.82
  Federal Reserve Banks - display 377.434 15,936.11
Subtotal - Gold Coins 73,829.500 3,117,243.93
Total - Federal Reserve Bank-Held Gold 13,452,810.534 568,007,256.96
Total - Treasury-Owned Gold 261,498,926.230 $11,041,059,957.46

Deep Storage: That portion of the U.S.Government-owned Gold Bullion Reserve which the Mint secures in sealed vaults that are examined annually by the Department of Treasury's Office of the Inspector General.

Deep-Storage gold comprises the vast majority of the Reserve and consists primarily of gold bars. (Formerly called "Bullion Reserve" or "Custodial Gold Bullion Reserve").

Working Stock: That portion of the U.S. Government-owned Gold Bullion Reserve which the Mint uses as the raw material for minting Congressionally authorized coins.

Working-Stock gold comprises only about 1 percent of the Reserve and consists of bars, blanks, unsold coins, and condemned coins. (Formerly listed as individual coins and blanks or called "PEF Gold").

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