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Payment Application Modernization

Payment Application Modernization

The Payment Automation Manager (PAM) is the single standardized domestic payment processing application for the U.S. Government processing approximately 1.2 Billion payments annually totaling nearly $3 Trillion.

The PAM application was designed to replace a number of legacy applications to centralize payment origination processing in Kansas City. This vision was fully realized in 2015 with the final Federal Program Agency (FPA) converting to PAM standard file format, resulting in substantial cost savings and processing efficiency for Fiscal Service.

PAM processes ACH, checks, Fedwire and Same Day ACH payments on behalf of FPA’s. PAM interfaces with over 20 applications, such as Secure Payment System (SPS), to ensure a seamless payment process from payment initiation, certification, and collection of delinquent debt all the way to funds delivery, accounting and stored data. PAM passes along downstream and accounting data to Governmentwide Accounting to align with the transparency in Government initiative.

The Commissioner of the Bureau of the Fiscal Service has published annual memos describing the details and progress of Treasury’s efforts to modernize the payments, collections, and central accounting and reporting systems. See the Annual Memorandum for All CFOs and Deputy CFOs.

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Last modified 12/07/18