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Bureau of the Fiscal Service Home
Governmentwide Accounting

Governmentwide Accounting

Fiscal Accounting at the Bureau of the Fiscal Service gathers and reports on the U.S. government's finances.

How Governmentwide Accounting Works

flow chart diagram of how governmentwide accounting works

What we do

  • Help federal agencies report accurate, current financial information using uniform accounting and reporting standards
  • Monitor the government's financial assets and liabilities through centralized accounting and reporting
  • Publish reports of the government's financial information to help set fiscal and debt management policies and to inform the public about how the government is collecting and spending money
  • Assure the continuous exchange of financial information among federal agencies, the Office of Management and Budget, and financial institutions
  • Provide support to all federal government agencies with respect to funding levels, appropriations, provisions and public laws passed by Congress
  • Develop and maintain the systems that agencies use to report their financial information
  • Work continually to modernize systems so they are more effective, efficient, useful, and usable

GWA Programs

Resources for federal agencies

Last modified 04/15/24