Fiscal Service is conducting a Financial Agent Selection Process (FASP) for the Over The Counter (OTC) Channel program. Please submit any questions about the application submission process to the Fiscal Service by e-mail. The due date for submitting proposals has been extended to December 14, 2017. Also, see our questions and answers document.

What is OTCnet?

The Over the Counter Channel (OTCnet) application is a web application that lets federal agencies manage and report all check and cash deposits in one place.

OTCnet automates the over-the-counter deposit process, captures detailed accounting information and makes the classification of Treasury collections easier.

Agency users report receipts through a secure web-based application rather than by using paper-based credit vouchers.

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With OTCnet, agencies primarily capture checks online.

The application also supports the additional functionality to capture checks with OTCnet offline if your agency is in a location with poor internet access.

OTCnet also works with CARS (the new standard Central Accounting Reporting System)

Why use OTCnet?

OTCnet has many benefits:

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Easy to use – It's simple and intuitive to use.

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Easy to learn – Take web-based training anytime with no need to log in to the application.

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Convenient – Report all your deposits electronically without paper processing.

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Efficient – Sign in once for all your check capture and deposit processing activities.

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Always available – Information and reports are accessible anytime, anywhere.

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Flexible – OTCnet is available online and offline to meet your agency’s needs.

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More control – Agencies have the ability to manage user role assignment to add checks and balances to the application.

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