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OTCnet Release 4.2 Overview

The U.S. Treasury Bureau of the Fiscal Service (Fiscal Service) Over the Counter Division (OTCD) is updating the Over-the-Counter Channel Application (OTCnet) to Release 4.2 in September 2022, which introduces the following updates:

System Updates

  • Upgrade Check Image Report: The endorsement displayed on the back of check images in the Check Image Report in OTCnet will be upgraded to display the date the check is forwarded to Debit Gateway. Additionally, the Routing Transit Number (RTN) will be formatted to remove dashes that matches the RTN format of Debit Gateway's endorsement and will display a separate RTN for check transactions categorized as Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF).
  • Support New Debit Gateway ACR Reason Code: The OTCnet Adjustment Correction Recission (ACR) reason code list will be updated to include "Wrong Payee Credited" in check processing pages wherever the ACR list displays. This update will synchronize check adjustment transactions with Debit Gateway's terminology and allow for continued check adjustment transactions.
  • Implement Kiosk Application Updates: Update OTC Kiosk Application to allow agencies to customize payment options, extend application timeout to 12-hours, and allow agency PLSA/LSA users to provision the Kiosk Operator role. 
  • Apply Security Upgrades: Continue to upgrade OTCnet to ensure a safe and secure user experience.

Last modified 02/09/23