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OTCnet Release 3.3 Overview

The Over the Counter Channel (OTCnet) Application Release 3.3 features several enhancements to OTCnet.

They include:

  • Releasing new OTCnet Local Bridge (OLB) and firmware versions
  • Relocating and streamlining of Download Release
  • Adding Google Chrome (Chrome) support for the remaining functions within Deposit Processing, Administration, Reporting, and the OTC Kiosk Tablet
  • Displaying of informational messages to deter collection of personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Supporting newly implemented reason codes by Debit Gateway

Application Enhancements

New OLB and Firmware Versions

Several security enhancements have been implemented in Release 3.3 by introducing OLB 2.2.0 and Firmware 4.3.0.

OLB 2.2.0 (for Online and Offline) replaces a previous cryptographic module that is no longer FIPs (Federal Information Processing Standard) compliant with a new FIPS compliant module. The new OLB addresses a potential malicious exploitation of the OTCnet application and workstations. To ensure the strongest security available and to maintain FIPS-compliance, it is required to replace any older OLB versions installed on your users’ workstations with version 2.2.0.

Firmware version 4.3.0 (Check Processing Only) includes a new feature that automatically detects if the prerequisites (i.e. VC++ packages) are present during firmware installation. If they are not present, the firmware installer will automatically install the prerequisites, therefore, no longer needing to separately install the firmware prerequisites.

To protect against security threats, we are requiring agencies to upgrade their workstations to OLB 2.2.0 and Firmware 4.3.0. The OLB is required for workstations using Check or Card Processing and the firmware is only required for workstations using Check Processing. This does not impact Deposit Processing workstations. Please note, Firmware version 4.3.0 will only be compatible with the latest OLB and OTCnet Offline version.

Additionally, we require that your agency upgrade to Windows 10 if it has not done so already as Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7, and is therefore no longer supported by OTCnet.

Relocating and Streamlining Release Download Process

For more centralized placement, the Manage Centralized Deployment function and its Download Release option has been relocated under the Administration tab. Additionally, the Select Agencies table that previously appeared on the Download Release page has been removed to streamline the download process.

Introducing Chrome Support for OTCnet Administration, Reporting and Deposit Processing

OTCnet offers increased browser flexibility by expanding Google Chrome browser support to all OTCnet application modules, including Administration, Reporting, Deposit Processing, and the OTC Kiosk Tablet. Chrome brings several benefits to agencies and users by minimizing system, browser, and security configuration requirements. Chrome-related defects are also addressed in Release 3.3.

Safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

As part of the federal government’s continuing directive to protect, eliminate, and reduce the collection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data, OTCnet will include the display of informational messages on the Create Deposit, Modify User-Defined Fields (UDFs), and Card Capture pages to deter users from entering PII.

New Reason Codes Implemented by Debit Gateway

OTCnet will support new reason codes implemented by Debit Gateway, including:

  • Reason Code 85 – to reflect when an item is returned as an Incorrectly Coded Outbound International Payment.
  • Reason Code185 – (Non-cash item) to reflect the accurate rejection reasons for each item with "Failed" status.
  • Reason Code U – to reflect when a 004 settlement code is skipped for a 404 within the 5515 report for Non-Conforming Image check items that are retired by Debit Gateway.

For more information on the latest security enhancements, please visit

Last modified 09/21/20