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Release 3.1 Overview

Release Date: February 29, 2020

OTCnet Release 3.1 is primarily an infrastructure upgrade release to conform with the mandated Treasury Web Application Infrastructure (TWAI) supported environment. This release introduces notable improvements to the OTCnet Offline experience by adding Google Chrome (Chrome) compatibility and standardizing the INI file import process. Release 3.1 also includes improvements for OTCnet Online by enabling deposit ticket printing for Deposit Processing when using Google Chrome.

User-Facing Application Enhancements

OTCnet Offline Check Capture

Release 3.1 introduces Chrome compatibility to the OTCnet Offline application, offering agencies the option of either using Internet Explorer (IE) or Chrome as their Offline browser1 . In addition, as of Release 3.1, the import Offline user profile process now follows same file import process as the OLB

Deposit Processing

In Release 3.1, deposit ticket printing functionality in Deposit Processing is now available if using Chrome.

Upgraded Firmware and OTCnet Local Bridge (OLB)

Release 3.1 upgrades the Firmware for both the Online and Offline application (version 4.1.0) to prevent any security vulnerabilities. Additionally, introduction of OLB version 2.1 enables the Online application to support Java 112. These upgrades have been listed on the Online and Offline application ‘About’ pages.

System and Security Enhancements

Release 3.1 includes system upgrades and security enhancements to ensure operation within a TWAI supported environment. OTCnet users will not be impacted by changes and no user action is required.

Known Behaviors

Printing in Google Chrome

When using the Print Deposit Ticket Receipt feature in Chrome, the default paper size may appear larger than the Letter size. To adjust the paper size, click the “Customize and Control Google Chrome” button. Then, click “Print. Select the “More Settings” dropdown, select “Letter” for the Paper size and deselect the “Background graphics” option.

Allowed Sites List in Google Chrome

Some users may experience pop-up windows not automatically appearing in Chrome when attempting to print an item in OTCnet (e.g., printing a deposit ticket). If this occurs, users will notice “Pop-up blocked…” in the URL address bar. Click the icon of the prompt itself, and click the Always allow pop-ups and redirects from OTCnet checkbox then click Done. This will add OTCnet to the Allowed sites list in Chrome and will enable automatic pop-ups to be allowed.

Closing the Google Chrome Browser window

When using Chrome, users will not be able to click the Close Browser button in OTCnet. Instead, users will need to manually close the window by clicking the browser’s native close button (X) in the top right corner of the browser.

For more information on the latest system requirements, please visit:

1 It is advised to set the default browser to the preferred browser (either IE 11 or Chrome) for the Offline application.

2 Due to Oracle discontinuing support of Java 8.

Last modified 05/01/20