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Release 3.0.2 Overview

OTCnet Release 3.0.2 aims to enhance the user experience by introducing an Integrated Solution for Card Processing (Card Processing) for use by all OTCnet Online agencies.

Application Enhancements

Introduction of Card Processing for OTCnet Online

Currently, OTCnet supports Check processing and Deposit processing. Release 3.0.2 will introduce Card Processing for credit and debit cards for use by OTCnet Online agencies. Card Processing will be compatible with all major credit card networks (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express).

With the addition of Card Processing, Fiscal Service will offer the first one-stop-shop for agencies’ over-the-counter collections needs, seamlessly offering cash, check, and card processing without needing to access multiple applications. Release 3.0.2 will introduce the following improvements:

  • In Release 3.0.2, the OTCnet team will implement a working Integrated Solution for Card Processing. This enables agencies to accept all major credit cards as part of their collections portfolio. Please note, additional hardware is required to processing credit and debit card payments. To learn more, visit the new ‘Card Processing Getting Started’ page at:

Last modified 01/31/20