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Release 3.0.1 Phase One Overview

OTCnet Release 3.0.1 aims to enhance the user experience by introducing multi-browser support to OTCnet. As of this November, OTCnet is now compatible with both Google Chrome (Chrome) and Internet Explorer (IE) 10 and 11.

Application Enhancements

Introduction of Google Chrome Compatibility for OTCnet

Agencies are now able to expand their browser options for OTCnet with the addition of Google Chrome. OTCnet Release 3.0.1 introduces support for Chrome in addition to existing support for IE 10 and 11. Chrome brings several benefits to agencies and users, specifically by minimizing system, browser, and security configuration requirements. With this release, OTCnet is now compatible with Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

Chrome also offers a faster, more secure, and more user-friendly browsing experience and provides quicker updates to ensure these advantages are maintained. To use Chrome with OTCnet, the new version of the OTCnet Local Bridge (OLB), version 1.3.0,will be required.

  • In Release 3.0.1, the OTCnet team implemented Chrome compatibility for OTCnet. This enables check processing transactions, including managing batches and check scanning, to be processed through Chrome exactly as they are currently processed in Internet Explorer. Chrome will require version 1.3.0 of the OLB.

For more information on the latest browser support, please visit

Known Behavior

PDF Report Preview

The OTCnet team is aware a "getReport" text block in the upper-left corner of the PDF preview pane may appear when viewing reports in Google Chrome. Please note that this is a behavior of Chrome; the text block is not clickable and does not affect the functionality of the report.

Print Deposit Voucher in Deposit Processing

The OTCnet team is aware that when using the Print Deposit Voucher feature in Google Chrome users are unable to access the embedded application printing functionality. For full functionality in Deposit Processing, please use Internet Explorer (IE).

1 If you are experiencing any issues with IE 10, we recommend upgrading to IE 11 or use Google Chrome as your OTCnet browser.

Last modified 01/24/20