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Minority Bank Deposit Program

Annual Recertification

To remain active in the program and on the list of eligible participants, all financial institutions must be recertified every year. Before the due date for recertification each year, Fiscal Service notifies the institution about the deadline for submitting the recertification form.

Financial institutions must notify the Fiscal Service if there is any change in their status that could affect their eligibility in the MBDP.


When applying for recertification as an existing participant, you may complete the online form, or fill out Form 3144: Certification Form for Admission.

Note: If you have not maintained your certification on a continuous basis and would like to re-apply, you must complete the Form 3144 to be considered.

The Form 3144 must be completed, notarized, then mailed or faxed to the following location:

By Fax:
(314) 444-7346
By Mail:
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Attn: Treasury Support Center Analyst
P.O. Box 442
St. Louis, MO 63166

Last modified 08/30/19