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Minority Bank Deposit Program

Minority Bank Deposit Program

The Minority Bank Deposit Program (MBDP) is a voluntary program which encourages minority-owned banks, women-owned banks, and credit unions that serve low-income communities to become depositaries and financial agents.

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Benefits of Participating in MBDP:

  • Learn from financial market leaders
  • Develop Treasury service expertise
  • Expand capacity
  • Accelerate growth

What's the Fiscal Service's Role?

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service:

  • Ensures a financial institution is eligible to participate
  • Keeps the list of participating financial institutions
  • Publishes the list on this website
  • Distributes the list periodically to federal agencies, interested state and local government agencies, and private sector companies
  • reminds financial institutions on the list of the due date for their yearly recertification

List of Participants

Dozens of financial institutions across the country have partnered with the Bureau of the Fiscal Service to take advantage of the Minority Bank Deposit Program.

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Last modified 08/30/19