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Certifying Officer Training

Certifying Officer training is provided by Fiscal Service as a supplement to the instructions in Treasury Financial Manual (TFM) Volume 1, Part 4A, Chapter 3000.

The computer-based training modules are designed for easy understanding and navigation, and as a resource for future reference to help newly appointed certifying officers as well as those who currently hold the position.

Certifying officers are strongly encouraged to complete the computer-based training.  The course takes from one to three hours to finish and provides a certificate on completion.

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Additional Information

CO training is part of the Fiscal Service performance enhancement strategy for certification credentialing requirements for delegations and designations, and the renewal of delegations and designations, as described in TFM Volume 1, Part 4A, Chapter 3000.

Date: Available 24/7

Hosted by: Payment Management

Target Audience: Certifying Officers and anyone involved in making federal payments.

Where: Online

Point of Contact: For questions, please contact the Payments Call Center at the Kansas City Financial Center at (855) 868-0151, option 2, option 0, or e-mail payments@fiscal.treasury.gov.

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