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2016 Intragovernmental Transactions (IGT) Day

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service hosted the 2016 IGT Day on Thursday, April 7, in downtown Washington, D.C.  This one-day event covered the latest developments in IGT transactions, as we share a path forward to resolve Buy/Sell differences by moving to a G-Invoicing solution.

The conference featured many speakers from the Bureau of the Fiscal Service and Federal Reserve Banks, and included a detailed walkthrough and demonstration of the new G-Invoicing online portal.

We identified the causes of IGT Buy/Sell differences and their significance to the opinion on the Financial Report audit.  We discussed Treasury's approach to resolving unreconciled differences by moving to G-Invoicing.

The conference was held at the GSA Regional Office Building Auditorium in Washington, D.C. There was no cost for federal agencies to attend the conference.

For more details, please contact: igt@fiscal.treasury.gov.

See details about the event and the schedule.


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