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Treasury Check Information System (TCIS)

What is TCIS?

TCIS records and reconciles U.S. Treasury payments and allows users to get claim status on Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments.

TCIS, an electronic office for post payment activities, also manages payment data for over two billion check payments and three million claims over a seven-year period.

What can I do in TCIS?

TCIS users canĀ 

  • See information about payments and claims relating to U.S. Treasury checks and ACH payments
  • Ask for information about a payment by:

    • Check number within a range of dates
    • Payee ID number within a range of dates
    • ACH Trace Number
  • Make a stop-payment request
  • See a scanned image of a cashed check

Non-Treasury Disbursing Office TCIS (NTDO) users (users from an agency with authority to disburse funds) can also

  • See their check ranges used for U.S. Treasury check payments
  • See everything that TCIS has received and accepted (according to user's security profile)
  • Track the status of files submitted for processing

Contact Us

To become a TCIS user
855 838 0743 (toll-free), or
314 444 6151

For help when using TCIS, call the Payment Management Call Center
855 868 0151 (toll-free)


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