Release 2.8 Information and Resources

Release 2.8 Overview:

OTCnet Release 2.8 aims to enhance user experience by introducing a HTML solution to render check scan forms. In addition, the message on the Generate Historical Reports pages was modified.

Check Scan Forms Update

Check scan forms are rendered in the Internet Explorer browser using HTML instead of ActiveX. Microsoft has discontinued the ActiveX plug-in for Microsoft Edge and future web browser versions, including Internet Explorer.

Using HTML rendered forms allows OTCnet to be less dependent on Internet Explorer and introduces the possibility of supporting OTCnet in alternate web browsers with future releases. The check scan forms update does not affect your experience with the application; the appearance of the OTCnet check scan forms will remain the same.

Message in CIRA CSV Historical Reports, Deposit Processing Historical Reports, and Adjustment Historical Reports

The message in Home>Reports>Historical Reports>Generate Historical Reports for CIRA CSV, Deposit Processing, and Adjustment Historical Reports changed to “Please Note: Deposit/Check transactions with a voucher date older than the minimum data retention period, as specified by Fiscal Service, may not be displayed on the report as these transactions are eligible to be deleted.” Only archived transactional data that has been stored in OTCnet for more than the minimum retention period will be removed in the future and users will be notified in advance.

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