OTCnet Enrollment for Financial Institutions

Enrolling your financial institution in OTCnet is easy. This page provides information and key documents necessary for getting started, taking training, and creating OTCnet users at your organization.

As you know, the CASHLINK II system was phased out as part of the Collections and Cash Management Modernization initiative that transformed the government's infrastructure for revenue collection.

With the phasing out of CASHLINK II, all agencies with OTC deposits to commercial banks and Federal Reserve Banks must report them electronically in OTCnet.

Once your organization is enrolled, we will work with your financial institution for the transition to OTCnet.

When your financial institution is enrolled, you'll enjoy the benefits of OTCnet, the web-based system that enables federal agencies to integrate check conversion and deposit reporting activities, so that all check and cash deposits are handled by a single, secure web-based application.

With OTCnet you'll improve over the counter collections by fully automating the collection, reconciliation, research, and reporting processes.

Financial institutions with federal agency customers using OTCnet will need to be enrolled in the system to enable those customers to utilize the deposit processing and reporting functionality of OTCnet.

In addition to the OTCnet enrollment information on this page, you can contact one of the members of the OTCnet Team PDF document if you need help.

Getting Started

To get started with your OTCnet enrollment, do the following:

  1. Complete the Primary Local Security Administrator (PLSA) form PDF document, following the instructions in the form.
  2. Review the OTCnet System Requirements PDF document to ensure that your computer is compatible with secure, web-based data sharing. Please note that financial institutions should complete the requirements laid out in the OTCnet General Requirements section, but will not need to adhere to the requirements laid out in the Check Scanning and Check Processing sections.

Again, please contact the OTCnet Team PDF document with any questions or if you need any assistance.

OTCnet Training

We recommend that you complete OTCnet self-paced, web-based training (WBT) prior to using the system and making your first deposit in OTCnet. WBT is recommended for all OTCnet users. To locate the web-based training, select the training link in the left navigation area. You do not need a login or password to access the training.

User Creation

Once you've completed the PLSA form and taken OTCnet training, you're ready to create users for your financial institution in OTCnet. After you create the appropriate users in OTCnet, your financial institution will be fully setup and ready to use OTCnet.

An overview of OTCnet users is available in the OTCnet User Roles overview document PDF document.

The OTCnet Team will work closely with financial institutions to ensure your enrollment in OTCnet is a success.

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