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General Lockbox Network (GLN)

Fiscal Service is conducting a Financial Agent Selection Process (FASP) for the General Lockbox Network (GLN) program. Please see the Solicitation and the Non-Disclosure Agreement. Any questions regarding the application submission process must be submitted to the Fiscal Service by e-mail.

Also, please see GLN FASP Phase 1 Information Session Presentation and GLN FASP Phase 2 Information Session Presentation.

What is the GLN?

The General Lockbox Network (GLN) is a collection and processing service provided by certain financial institutions to help federal government agencies process paper checks and other remittance documents (not related to taxes) that are received through the mail.

What does a GLN financial institution do?

GLN work is considered standard lockbox servicing that does not require large amounts of specialty or ancillary services. These services may include:

  • collecting an agency's mail from a specified post office box
  • opening envelopes, extracting, sorting and batching the envelope contents
  • scanning and capturing required data from payment instruments and remittance documents
  • balancing and totaling batches
  • recording the payments
  • processing the items
  • making the deposit
  • transferring the funds

Agencies get their data either in an electronic file or through the Collections Information Repository (CIR).

What is the Fiscal Service's role?

At the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, we work with you to decide if a paper lockbox solution is the best way to meet your agency's or your program's collection needs.

In some cases, a paper lockbox is not the best way for your agency to collect funds.

In helping to decide if a paper lockbox is the best solution, we consider factors such as:

  • Does the program collect enough to justify the cost of a lockbox?
  • Are the funds you collect best collected electronically?
  • Do you need paper remittances or original documents to meet legal or program requirements?

If we agree that a lockbox would help your program, we'll choose a financial institution to serve you.

If a lockbox is not the best solution, we'll recommend other methods to your agency to collect the funds.

For more information

Contact the GLN Lockbox Program Manager


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