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Electronic Check Processing (ECP)

What is Electronic Check Processing?

Electronic Check Processing (ECP) is a web-based application used by government agencies and Treasury's Lockbox financial agents to convert paper checks into Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions or Check21 items.

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How does ECP work?

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ECP receives files from the financial agent, and forwards the check information to the Debit Gateway application, which then settles the transactions electronically.

Agencies can obtain their data by running a report in ECP, or by visiting the Collections Information Repository (CIR). ECP has an automated connection to the CIR to assist agencies with their reporting needs.

The main benefits of ECP are:

  • Acts as a data and image repository
  • Accelerates deposits and reduces collection costs
  • Improves data capture, accuracy, and timing
  • Provides detailed information about remittance and accounting data
  • Provides direct access to agency users on the status of every item being processed from the moment it's received in ECP
  • Offers multiple reports to assist the user

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