SPS: Secure Payment System

Upcoming Changes to SPS

Note to SPS Users about What’s New in SPS

The following are planned enhancements to SPS:

PIV/PIV-I/CAC Integration

SPS will be enhanced to accept PIV/PIV-I/CAC badges for login, replacing the current ikey USB tokens.  This is in the early stages and will require coordination with each agency to migrate effectively.    Please stay tuned as we’ll contact each agency prior to your conversion.

Originating Agency ID (OAID) selection for Type A payments

SPS will be enhanced to capture the Originating Agency ID (OAID) information for all Type A payments, which includes Checks, ACH and Same Day Wire payments.  This information will be used to offer better payment processing including a more granular Treasury Offset process.  After this enhancement, Type A payment processing will closely mirror the process associated with the PAM SPR bulk file processing.

Broadcast Messaging Alerts

SPS will be enhanced to provide additional informational messages back to each user.  Each user will be able to manage the messages within their own login session.  There will also be indicators to alert the user that a new message is pending.

PAM Notification Report in SPS

SPS will be enhanced to retrieve the PAM Notification reports that are associated with the PAM SPR bulk files that were previously sent to Fiscal Service by your SPS Federal Program Agency ID.   DEO’s and CO’s will be able use the information prior to creating the Summary Certification.

Payment Types for Wire payments

Same Day Wire payments will be enhanced to require a Payment Type selection (Vendor, Miscellaneous, Salary, Travel, Tax-IMF and Tax-BMF) prior to saving the payment.  Currently there is no such requirement, and this will help further define the use for the payment and perform Treasury Offset when necessary.

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