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SPS: Secure Payment System

Frequently Asked Questions

How can our agency get access to SPS?

Contact our SPS Help Desk at 816-414-2340 or e-mail at kfc.sps.help.desk@fiscal.treasury.gov.

What are the user requirements for using SPS?

At at minimum, the Agency must appoint one person as a Data Entry Operator (DEO) and one person as a Certifying Officer (CO).   We highly recommend that you have other personnel appointed as backups for the DEO and CO roles.  We also highly recommend that you appoint someone as a Trusted Registration Agent (TRA).  The TRA is not a user of SPS, but supports the user with the PKI ikey issuance and management. Enrollment forms for each role can be found on our forms page.

What do I do if I forget my PIN for the ikey?

You’ll need to contact your TRA who will begin the process for having your PKI ikey recovered.  If you don’t know who your TRA is, contact the SPS Help Desk for further instructions.

Can SPS accept the PIV badges for login?

Not yet.  We’re making changes so that SPS can accept the PIV badges for login but it is not ready for full production.   You will hear from us as we near implementation for your agency.  For more information, visit the Upcoming Changes to SPS page.

Does SPS require a browser and java to run? 

SPS does not utilize a browser to launch and run.  SPS does use java, however, it is a localized version contained within the SPS application and not associated with the java used by the browsers.  This prevents issues that would occur due to browser and java updates that are pushed out regularly by your agency.

Can payments and/or schedules be automatically loaded into SPS without having to type any data?

Yes. Schedules can be imported into SPS as long as the data is formatted in accordance with the SPS Format Specification. This is also called the 440 file. Schedules cannot be imported directly from other format types such as spreadsheets, databases, etc.

What are the advantages of importing schedules?

The two biggest advantages are significant time savings for entering the payment/schedule information and elimination of human data entry errors.  Depending on the number of payments being entered per schedule, it could take an hour to manually type one schedule while importing the same schedule will take less than one minute.  Since no payment data is typed during an import, there are also no human data entry errors.

How many Treasury Account Symbol (TAS) and Business Event Type Codes (BETC) are permitted in a payment and/or a schedule?

A payment must contain at least one TAS/BETC, but may have up to 100.
A schedule must also contain at least one TAS/BETC, but may have up to 1000.

Can schedules be created or imported into SPS without TAS/BETC information SPS?

No.  The TAS/BETC is in a required field, and therefore a payment and/or schedule can’t be completed without populating at least one TAS/BETC.  The schedule will not save during a manually typed schedule and will fail to import if using a file to load schedules.   Also, TAS/BETC information is validated against the Shared Accounting Module (SAM) file as the schedule is created or imported.  Therefore, schedules can’t be manually created and 440 files can’t be imported into SPS if the TAS/BETC is not valid according to that day’s SAM file validation.

What operating systems does SPS support?

SPS will support Windows 7, with limited support for Windows 8.1 and 10.

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